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Hostgator Coupons 2015 – 50% off Hostgator Coupon Codes

Like it is even possible, Hostgator has upped the disk space for the Mega-PHASE and Pro-PHASE accounts! The Mega-PHASE customers now get 12GB of disk space and our Pro-PHASE accounts get 15GB! You might be saying Gosh, that’s just about the best news I’ve ever heard in my entire life, but guess again, they’re offering FREE WordPress themes for their customers over at! Now your blog can be all it can be and look fabulous in the process!
There’s more…
Now I know you think that’s all they’ve got… what more can they give? …But just like your birthday, there’s always more! they’ve removed the limitations on their Unmetered Bandwidth, feature so now ALL of the shared hosting customers get as much bandwidth as they can eat! Put up those pics of your grandkids, post the video of your nephew’s Bar Mitzvah, no more restrictions on content for Unmetered Bandwidth means everyone gets to see as much of your website as you want! Here’s how it works: Hostgator gives you 100GB of transfer to start with. Once you reach 80% of that, or 80GB for the mathematically disinclined contact support via ticket or phone call and we’ll give you another 100GB. Then, once you hit 80% of that 200GB limit, 160GB again for those without calculators, let Hostgator know and they’ll give you another 100GB. And so on and so forth, more bandwidth when you need it!

Uptime is one thing…
As you may already know, every Hostgator account comes with an exceptional uptime guarantee. They guarantee that your website WILL be up, online and accessible 99.9% of the time, which means we have a lot to live up too.

Hardware is another…
Smart system administrators will always tell you one thing about hardware: « It will always eventually break. » That’s a fact of life, and of computers. Good for hardware stores, bad for websites. A good thing that Hostgator invests so much into its brand-name, top-of-the-line hardware.
Hostgator is watching 24/7 to replace hardware quickly when it breaks. We also are constantly testing to attempt to replace hardware before it breaks. There are many tells that a server gives out before it dies, and we’re watching for them. Finally, we keep your data in frequent backups and can restore your website from a backup should anything happen.

And, we never leave…
Additionally, Hostgator hosts websites for customers for in nearly every country, so we also maintain 24/7 telephone, and email support, giving you answers to your questions at all times.

It’s 3AM. Do you know where your support is?
What this means as a customer is that you are guaranteed technical support anytime of the day (or night), and you can rest assured that if your web server has issues at 3AM, our system administrators are already on it.